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There are number of ways to bring drinks to your houseguests. Here is one more elegant and exciting way to serve with our Trays. At Ace Craftique we offer top quality wholesale trays to buy. These trays will enhance the beauty of your space.

Moreover, the smoothness and sophistication of these trays is unrivaled and they work exceedingly well as drink transporters. Of course, they also function has drink holders for when you set it down.

You’ll never have to worry about spilling a drink on anything because of the large sidewalls on the trays. There are floral, geometric, chevron, etc. patterns to choose from. All our trays hails from India that showcase the skills of the artisans.

Why these trays are a must for you: It has sturdy wood base to make it last longer. They stay stain free with resin on this elegant piece. All the camel bone is from a reliable source which makes it a safe, elegant, and useful addition to your home. These trays are the perfect way to serve your guests.

The large size is perfect for carrying multiple drinks and the high sides will keep everything secure. The beautiful designs are eye-catching and unique, sure to impress your guests. The handmade construction is of the highest quality and ensures that this tray will last for years to come. These wooden trays are substantial in weight and makes a beautiful accent on a coffee table or ottoman. In conclusion, order wholesale trays today!

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of using a tray is to provide a portable and stable surface for carrying and serving items, such as food, drinks, or utensils, in a convenient and organized manner.

The advantages of tray service include efficient and organized delivery of items, reduced chances of spills or accidents, easier handling and transportation, and the ability to serve multiple items simultaneously.

Trays are generally measured by their length and width, with measurements typically given in inches or centimeters. 

Service trays are usually made of materials such as plastic, wood, metal, or fiberglass. The choice of material depends on factors such as durability, weight, ease of cleaning, and aesthetic preferences for different service environments.

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