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Ace Craftique offers handmade furniture exported, manufactured, and traded in the artisan’s capital of India. We work with clients from around the world to ensure that you can offer customers beautifully crafted fine furniture for a fraction of the cost.

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Since our founding in 2002, our goal as furniture artisans is to create pieces that are built to last. We don’t simply create interior designs — we create pieces where memories are made. Using the finest raw materials, our craftsmen make furniture that stands out among the crowd and makes the homeowner or designer proud of their space. It is our promise to you to ensure your designs exude both elegance and exceptional craftsmanship when you order from our warehouse.

Everything we design at Ace Craftique is created with your business in mind. As an interior designer, bulk buyer, or retailer, you must constantly deliver the best for your clients who demand excellence. High-ticket furniture retail is a competitive industry, which is why our goal is to provide you with a quality handcrafted piece at a fraction of the wholesale cost that other manufacturers provide.

Consumers in your industry will pay top dollar for artisan-made Indian furniture, especially when it is made from the quality raw materials we use. We deliver artisan quality at wholesale prices, ensuring you are at the top of your local market. There is no better solution for retailers and interior designers who are looking to provide luxury appeal at competitive prices.

Not only are our products high-quality, but they are also built sustainably with eco-friendly materials. We source our mother of pearl, natural wood, and bone materials from manufacturers who are equally focused on environmental sustainability. By choosing higher quality materials, we can guarantee higher-quality, built-to-last pieces. This provides value to both your brand and the end consumer. 

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For custom orders, we provide customers a simple-to-use platform for high and low volume ordering. Once you register as an interior designer, bulk buyer, wholesaler, or retailer, you’ll receive a password-protected account with access to your custom ordering form. This account also includes customizable navigation, onsite search, and access to our best discounts site wide. Discounts are based on your registration and are easy to find through the dashboard. Using this custom order form, you’ll also have the ability to review your order before invoicing and choose from a variety of payment options. 

We strive to provide retailers, bulk buyers, and interior designers everything they could possibly need for their business, including custom items. If you don’t find what you need in our product catalogue, contact us to learn about the custom ordering process.

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