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Sometimes all a room need is a touch of the unexpected to make it feel fresh and exciting. They definitely can brighten up your bedroom, bathroom, or hallway. So, buying wholesale mirrors is definitely a plus. Ace Craftique will always deliver quality products to you.

Our simple and chic mirrors will open up your space with on-trend shapes and a choice of finishes to reflect your style. They have a wooden base which makes it more durable than your average mirror. It also gives them a modern, glamorous look.

Our various shapes and designs of mirrors can fit any aesthetic. You can find rectangular, round, arch, and many unique shapes. Meanwhile, they have easy mounting up process, allowing you to adjust up and down to find your perfect angle.

With a mirror like these, you’ll be able to check every angle with ease. You can have bone inlay, mother of pearl, brass embossing and German silver designs to feature on your mirror. These beveled glass handmade mirrors create a look that’s perfect for a variety of styles.

Open up your space and create an optical illusion with the help of these accent mirror. There are so many patterns to choose from like, chevron, floral, geometric and so on. Of course, you can customize size, shape, design and color according to your needs. You can make a statement in your entryway, dining room, or living room with these mirrors. So, scroll our website and buy wholesale mirrors today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Silvered mirrors, also known as glass mirrors, are considered the most accurate in terms of reflecting an undistorted image.

High-quality mirrors are typically characterized by their clear and reflective surface, absence of distortions or warping, and durability in terms of resistance to scratches and tarnishing. 

Mirrors can be made without glass. Alternative materials such as acrylic or metal-coated plastics can be used to create reflective surfaces.

The worth of an expensive mirror depends on factors such as its design, craftsmanship, durability, and the overall aesthetic value it adds to the space. However, more affordable mirrors can often serve the primary purpose of reflection just as effectively.

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