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Every home needs storage and there comes the need for a chest of drawers. A Chest of drawers is an amazing place to put your general bits and bobs to your linens. Buying wholesale chest of drawers is a great way to save some bucks.

Here at Ace Craftique, we offer a wide range of chests of drawers to choose from. Our designs are so stylish that they can blend in any room or decor theme. You can store crockery and silver in your kitchen. You can place it in the living room and store TV remotes and paraphernalia in it. Also, place it in the entryway and you can use it to put your keys and hats.

Bedroom is the place where the chest of drawers can store your clothes or anything you want. So, buying chest of drawers in bulk from us will make you happy. As we deliver quality products. Each one of our drawers showcases the skills of our Indian artisans.

We offer intricate designs in bone inlay, mother of pearl, brass embossing, and German silver finish. Several patterns await your choosing like, chevron, floral, geometric, striped, and so on.

Additionally, we can customize the size, shape, color, and style according to you. So, hurry up! Order your wholesale chest of drawers today from Ace Craftique.

Frequently Asked Questions

A chest of drawers should last for several decades if well-maintained, but durability can vary depending on the quality of materials and construction. 

Yes, a chest of drawers can be kept in the living room as a versatile storage solution for various items like clothing, linens, and miscellaneous items.

The purpose of a chest of drawers is to provide storage space and organization for items such as clothing, accessories, documents, or any other items that need to be conveniently stored and accessed.

The number of drawers in a chest of drawers can vary, commonly ranging from 3 to 8 drawers, but it depends on the specific design and size of the piece.

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