Our Vision

Our Vision

Inspiring People with our Legacy!

From contemporary to classic motifs, bone inlay furniture has the unique ability to blend seamlessly while still adding a dimension of charm and uniqueness that no other type of furniture can offer.

We offer a variety of bone inlay furniture that can automatically increase the level of decorating sophistication in your home. Multiple colors incorporated into a huge assortment of designs allow you to pick a piece of furniture that quietly compliments your color scheme. The pieces can also make a pleasant contrast to bolder, brighter choices in color.

Our furniture exudes elegance. They are designed to be usable in all areas of your home.  Choosing pieces that feature bone inlay adds a touch of decorum that is subtle but powerful.

Andrew Jones has been laying tile for 30 years, on some of the hardest surfaces ever - and after all this time, he's still enamored of the material. "I love tile," he says. "It's beautiful and it doesn't require much maintenance."