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Caring for your Bone Inlay Furniture

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Most people who are familiar with bone inlay furniture already know that there’s nothing else quite like it. The craftsmanship and beauty of these pieces are almost always far beyond your average piece of furniture. Unfortunately, most people are unfamiliar with the finer points of cleaning and caring for their furniture, leading to annoying discolorations and cracks in the years to come.

Hopefully, by the end of this you’ll have the knowledge needed to ensure your bone inlay furniture stays gorgeous for decades to come. 
 First of all, let’s cover two huge changes to caring for bone inlay furniture over regular furniture. The first is somewhat obvious, you should never use modern cleaning products to care for bone inlay. They tend to be far too harsh to use on the delicate workmanship or paint commonly used on bone inlay. The second bit of advice might be a bit surprising. Make sure your furniture is somewhere where it can get proper sunlight. Unlike most furniture that reacts poorly to sunlight, bone tends to lighten over time with proper exposure. This is a simple way to counteract bone’s natural tendency to yellow almost to the point of being ocher. 

Now, to care for your bone inlay properly you’re going to need a couple specialty items. For the actual cleaning you’ll likely have to do, it’s recommended that you pick up some spirit soap. If your furniture has any especially delicate work on it, you’ll need to get some white spirit as well. A 1:20 ratio of spirit soap to white spirit is what you’re going to need to use on the delicate portions of the work. Secondly, you’ll want to pick up some colorless beeswax. This has been found to be the best thing to use when it comes time to polish your bone inlay. 

Now, there’s always a chance that you’ve purchased a particularly old piece that is stained or very heavily yellowed in places. Assuming you want a more uniform look, there are a few few tricks you can employ to help remove the stains and lighten the yellowing. The first is simply applying a solution of citric acid to the stain. This will usually do the trick. If it doesn’t, however, you’ll need to get a half-and-half solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. You’ll want to immerse the piece in this solution for a few minutes if possible, but, you can always apply it with a brush if it’s a bigger part or you can’t remove it. You’ll have to wait until the piece has finished drying to really see the effect of the treatment. Afterwards, simply clean and polish it and you’re done.


Inlaid Furniture- Bringing Historic Art to Modern Era

For centuries, artisans on the continents of Africa and Asia, and later Europe, have practiced the craft of bone inlay, also known as intarsia. This ancient art form involves creating intricate patterns and details by “laying in,” or embedding, camel bone or mother of pearl into wood. The contrast between the wood and the bone gives an illusion of depth. Because of the painstaking work and attention to detail involved, it was originally only found in the homes of the elite. Examples of bone inlay can be seen in antique furniture pieces and accessories.

Fortunately, this time-honored skill has not been lost to the ages, and advances in tools and technology have lowered production costs. Bone inlay furnishings continue to be manufactured today and are priced for the average consumer. The variety of furnishings to which it is applied includes tables, trunks, desks, jewelry boxes, chests of drawers, side tables, benches, stools, chairs, mirrors, sideboards, cabinets, headboards, bookcases, screens, and the list goes on. Modern inlay designs, as in the past, are primarily organic lines and shapes, although they can also be geometric in form. Maintaining the quality for which it has always been appreciated; inlay furniture is still crafted by skilled hands, making each piece unique.

Consumers, however, cannot assume that all inlays are actual bone. Resins and plastics are sometimes substituted, so those seeking authentic bone inlay furniture should make sure to do business with a reputable dealer. Bone is a far more durable substance than plastic or resin, and it adds value and sophistication to the furniture piece. People who feel uneasy about buying a product incorporating animal bone as an inlay material can opt for furniture inlaid with mother of pearl. Mother of pearl is an organic mineral created by calcium carbonate deposits secreted by oysters and abalones. Its distinguishing feature is its iridescence, as opposed to bone’s generally flat or buffed white appearance. Many designers and interior decorators keep bone inlay furniture on their palette of home décor ideas. A few pieces of furniture embellished with exotic bone inlay definitely make a statement in a room.

The complex designs catch the eye and add an element of surprise. The matchless style generates conversation. More than that, bone inlay transforms a piece of furniture into functional art, and it brings history into the home.

The complex designs catch the eye and add an element of surprise. The matchless style generates conversation. More than that, bone inlay transforms a piece of furniture into functional art, and it brings history into the home.


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A myth about brass metal is that integrating its furniture pieces accentuates your home only if you’re going for the antique, classic feels. Well, here we are telling you that it’s a misconception. 

Brass actually gives a modern home uniqueness and classiness with its luster and sleekness. 

And embossed brass metal with antique and polished finishes is leading the furniture industry of late by adding the luster and sleekness to your homes. Its unique floral, geometric and different designs effervesce from exceptional skill which is a result of experience of decades and creativity of craftsmen. Embossed brass is in a league of its own its cool yet not cold and striking yet not stuffy. 

Embossed Brass metal Coffee tables, metal blocks, head boards, side boards and wall panels are the hottest furniture pieces to have in your space on the account of their beautiful, slick finishes.

Brass metal furniture making your spaces vibrant and chic!

Embossed Brass Metal Ram Head Chair

Polished brass is one of the most popular of brass’ many finishes and styles. Available as a solid or plate finish. Its anti-corrosive qualities make it a useful metal as it doesn’t rust easily. 

Antique brass comes in a variety of hues which can be aesthetically designed to have a place in your home. 

Pair this metal with your contemporary or rich spaces and get a sophisticated effect that makes a statement.